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Urban Legends and Folklore: Science
Christmas Classics College Computers/Internet Crime Darwin Awards ... and environment. The Coriolis Effect Have you heard the story that ... Towns Computing & Technology Education Food & Drink Health & ...

Urban Legends and Folklore - Recent Features
Co. Maps World maps supposedly distributed by the Fujifilm Company allegedly omit the state of Israel. This forwarded email alert calls for a boycott. 02/26/02 - Eau de Terreur Are terrorists sending ...

Needle in the Ball Pit - Urban Legends and Folklore - Archive
1999 Analysis: See below archive of legends & netlore Needle in the Ball Pit Contributed by Nancy Brown, 11/03/99: Below is the earliest specimen of this text I received. It was sighted in November ...

Urban Legends and Folklore - Baby Ink: Tattoos for Toddlers?
Find out who dreamed up the site for Baby Ink, the bogus toddler tattoo parlor.

More 'Free' Stuff by Email - Urban Legends and Folklore - 11/11/99
to give away products? I have no idea. Bath & Body Works is a division of Intimate Brands, Inc ... ... promotion to increase the usage of our internet website. We appreciate your help in passing on this ...

Flash Your Headlights and Die! - Urban Legends and Folklore - Archive
in your family! Sources and further reading: Milwaukee Journal - 09/18/93 - 'Flyers on gang ... ... the largest selection of low fares, great hotel rooms at up to 75% off, car rentals, vacation ...

Snakes in the Ball Pit - Urban Legends and Folklore - Archive
... typically set at amusement parks, where rumors of "razor blades in the water slide" or "snakes in the ... occurred because of this in South Carolina," which would mean that two ...

Pump at Your Own Risk! - Urban Legends and Folklore Archives
Pump at Your Own Risk! - This four-year-old message from "Captain Abraham Sands" of the Jacksonville, Florida Police Department, warns that innocent folks are catching AIDS due to contaminated ...

Free Gift Cards from Old Navy - Urban Legends and Folklore
... archive of legends netlore Free Gift Cards from Old Navy This is the latest entry in the Hoax by Numbers sweepstakes. The idea ...

Spielberg to Film 'The Crusades'? Urban Legends and Folklore Blog Archives
About on the Web in Products Urban Legends and ... in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Read more...# A ... spate of international wire stories filed towards ... got Read more...# When Mars Attacked New Jersey It ...

Society:Mythology and Folklore:Urban Legends:Janet Reno and the "Cultis...
provoked letters of inquiry from congressional offices) attempting to persuade the nation that Reno favors "parental licensing," or that she believes that "a cultist is one who has a strong belief in ...

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Music (Catfish)
Did Elvis' backup singers walk out after he said their breath 'smelled like catfish'? ... The infamous "catfish" incident that resulted in several of Elvis Presley's backup singers walking off ... the Sweet Inspirations, had probably been eating catfish."

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Music (Tears in Heaven)
Is the Eric Clapton song 'Tears in Heaven' about his young son, who died in an accident? ... Claim: The Eric Clapton song "Tears in Heaven" is a tribute to Conor Clapton, Eric's pre-school son, who died in an ...

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Music (Three Strings and You're Outre)
Did violinist Itzhak Perlman once finish a concert on an instrument with only three strings after one string broke? ... Article from the Houston Chronicle: On Nov. 18, 1995, Itzhak Perlman, the violinist, came on stage to give ... braces on both legs and

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Music (Lisa Lopes)
... Origins: On 25 April 2002, Lisa Left Eye Lopes of the rhythm ... Foul play had no part in Lisa Lopes death; her ... lane, forcing her to veer sharply to the left. ...

Zoop Zoop Zoop: Traditional Music and Folklore of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John New World 80427-2 MUSIC AND FOLKLORE ...  [Adobe PDF] ... Charlotte Amalie became a market not only for local cattle breeders, farmers, and. fishermen, but also for
... supply for hardwood plantations. 93rd Ann. Mtg., Soil Science Society of America, Charlotte, NC, Oct ... nitrogen fertilization in two sweetgum plantations of varying site quality and ...

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Sports (Super Bowl Legends)
A roundup of Super Bowl-related legends. ... last few decades football's championship game, the Super Bowl, has surpassed baseball's World Series as America's ... In fact, the Super Bowl has now transcended its status as a ...

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Titanic Legends (The Name Game)
sp The Name Game Claim:   The sister ship to the Olympic and Titanic was originally intended to be named the Gigantic. Status:   True.   Origins:   The Titanic was originally ...

Folklore and Legends
... reason. Smallpox and chickenpox would often scar facial tissue so make-up was used in an effort to try and conceal these scars. The ...

Mythology, folklore and legends -- MythologyWeb
Covers anything related to mythology, falktales, legends and beliefs. ... readers to ask questions and hold discussions about mythology, legends, fantasy fiction and related topics. ... to news stories related to mythology have been moved to the message .

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